How Do I Stay Competitive in a Fast-changing Market like the Automotive Industry?

The automotive development process is characterized by an almost unmanageable number of frequently changing requirements. At the same time, it is necessary to orchestrate and coordinate diverse teams at different locations and a plethora of tools.
Cloud-based DevOps approaches are supposed to aid in this task, but due to the necessary integration and customization efforts, many of the promised efficiency gains vanish.
With Mindmotiv CEE, full-process DevOps pipelines can not only be set up conveniently and within a short timeframe, they can also be adapted to and configured for changing requirements or entirely new projects with ease.
With CEE, Mindmotiv offers a novel automation solution that allows complex tasks in automotive development to be configured and automated flexibly and easily across different locations using a wide variety of tools.
CEE makes it possible to take advantage of complex, individual automation for use cases such as CI/CD and DevOps, but reduces maintenance and customization efforts and costs to a minimum at the same time.
How can Mindmotiv help you to turn your development processes into technology leaders with CEE? Get in touch and let us show you!