How Do I Protect My IP in the Development Process?

An engineering service provider tasked with testing your software or embedded systems frequently required extremely broad access to models, software, source code, hardware components and other artifacts. 
Thus, in the past, large parts of the company’s current r&d activity and the corresponding know-how regularly ended up outside the company. 
Mindmotiv CEE effectively closes this security gap without obstructing the work of suppliers and service providers. 
CEE makes it possible to run the components needed for test execution in-house and allows service providers to test them without having direct access to the components themselves. You IP stays secure during the entire development process. 
But the benefits of using CEE don’t end there. For example, in addition to better protecting your IP, CEE also eliminates the need to fully replicate and synchronize test execution environments, toolchains and hardware environments at the service provider. 
How can Mindmotiv help you to protect your IP with CEE? Get in touch and find out!