New Arttest Release

The latest release of Arttest includes some great new features and improvements that further improve usability:

New Language Element Pulse

The pulse action makes specification of pulse-width-modulation signals for testing much easier.

Improved Tube Evaluation Performance

Tube evaluation performance of signals with many data points in very long test scenarios has been increased considerably.

Variable-Step Solver Support

With variable-step solver support, MATLAB/Simulink models do not need to be transformed to fixed-step versions before testing. Models using toolboxes that require variable-step solvers can now be tested with Arttest without modifications.

Multi-Rate Systems Support

Arttest can now access internal signals in and interfaces of subsystems with differing sampling times without explicit or implicit change of any sampling time in the model.

Multi Harness Generation Support

Arttest now stores the harness generation configuration for every generated harness file. This enables users to easily generate multiple harnesses within a single project and preserve the information required to re-generate every previously generated harness. The batch-automation uses the stored configuration accordingly.

All customers can now access the release in the license portal.